Online Education Digital Inclusion

Online Education Digital Inclusion

Online Education Digital Inclusion

2 billion people are in need of assistance due to some form of disability. Some of these disabilities are visible and the needed assistance can even appear to be easily understood. Appear to be easily understood since the actual need for assistance can only be determined by understanding both the challenges and solutions.

Other disabilities are even entirely unseen for the majority of us. That can be because an individual appears to be functioning as what is considered to be normal, or because an individual is not willing to identify as disabled.

In our connected society we own the responsibility to enable every individual to enjoy our products and services. Are we providing inclusive cyber secure solutions and how can we increase our own awareness? Can we even figure that out ourselves without living experience?

There are many questions to be answered and not enough reliable answers available. But there is a lesson to be learned from the successes of Digital Transformation and Customer Experience: we can achieve rapid improvements by focusing on our customers. That does however require us to focus on all our customers and not just on those customers where we believe that we can score the “low hanging fruits”.

Embrace the largest pool of talent and potential customers by embracing Digital Inclusion!

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag – CEO Spearhead Management

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