Top Cyber Security Risks

Top Cyber Security Risks

Top Cyber Security Risks:
– Abandoned technology
– Unpatched vulnerabilities
– Misconfiguration
– Social Engineering
– Stolen/leaked credentials
– Insider threats

The majority of these risks are not related to users or the technology itself. As The Human Element in Cyber Security clearly shows, the majority of cyber risks and cyber incidents are causes by what we do with technology. More specifically: how we configure and manage technology throughout its lifecycle.

Abandoned technology and unpatched vulnerabilities are not only the largest root cause of cyber incidents and by far the largest risks. They are also the easiest to resolve by following this very simple rule: for as long as you own it, you actively manage and patch it. This starts with proper configuration, and ensuring that the technology can be managed, monitored, and patched without delays. This also means when you are no longer able to manage, monitor and patch the technology, you are responsible for decommissioning it!

Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag – CEO Spearhead Management

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